Alema Koudijs Feed PLC (AKF) was founded in 2009. Before that, there was no professional commerical animal feed mill in Ethiopia. Alema Farms was looking for a way to produce continuously high quality feed for their poultry. Through joint business partners, Alema Farms came in contact with De Heus Animal Nutrition. Together they founded the Join Venture company Alema Koudijs Feed PLC.

The knowledge about raw materials, animal hunsbandry and feed milling from De Heus, was brought together with the knowledge and experience about poultry farming, sourcing raw materials and doing business in Ethoipia from Alema Farms PLC. As a result of this, the animal feed factory Alema Koudijs Feed PLC was established and became operational late 2009. Since that moment, we have been striving to design the best feeds for Ethiopian farmers. We continuously have been striving to supply feed and service to farmers in order to increase productivity and profitability.

Expansions have been made during the years, like a pelletizing line in 2013 and grain storage silos and handling in 2016