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Quality Feed for better results

Whether you are a smallholder farmer or a large commercial farmer; Alema Koudijs Feed PLC has the right type of feed for you. We offer you a quality feed, which makes it possible to get the highest production and profitability from your animals. Not only feed, we also help you with on-farm advise about all farming aspects. We only have one goal; making farming successful for you. We like to power your progress!

Alema Koudijs Feed (AKF) benefits from more than100 years of experience of our partner De Heus Animal Nutrition in the field of animal feed. Their experts have travelled all over the world, from cold Siberian winters with fully climatized houses to hot sub-saharan climates with open houses. Circumstances are different everywhere, but one thing all farms have in common; they all need the best feed for the best results. Alema Koudijs Feed is offering you this, whether you have poultry, cattle or goats

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We differentiate ourselves through our consistent high quality. Why is our focus on quality? Without the same high quality every day, the animals and the farmer will not be successful. If a farmer is successful with our feed, we can be successful!
How to we guarantee our quality;

  • Raw Materials intake; we sample and store a sample of all raw materials before we receive them.
  • We analyze on the spot on moisture and aflatoxin level. Raw materials which exceed the norm will be rejected.
  • Raw Materials and finished product are analyzed on a scheduled basis through laboratory in The Netherlands and in Ethiopia.
  • Feed formulation is done by experts in The Netherlands, bases on laboratory analysis of the raw materials. Their worldwide experiences assures the best possible feed formulation!

We strive only for the best quality!