Just like Ethiopia, The Netherlands is a land of dairy cows. Through our experience in The Netherlands, but meantime also outside The Netherlands, we know what a cow needs to produce maximum milk. One of the basic things is good concentrated supplementary feed. Our feed assortment meets the needs of the cows exactly. The concentrated dairy feeds are a supplement, next to good quality roughage and unlimited water. Our dairy concentrates will give you more milk, healthier cows and a better profit!

Also for beef cattle, we have a range of feeds suitable for your situation. Whether you are a smallholder with a few cattle or a livestock exporter with thousands of cattle; we have the right product for you!

Cattle experts

Our cattle experts play a crucial role in this. Alema Koudijs offers expert advice and support to help farmers to advance their business. We only have one focus: to help our farmers operate in the most effective and profitable way. Because when our customers do well, so do we!

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