Beef Feed

Ethiopia has the highest number of cattle of all African countries. Therfore, beef fattening is a good business for Ethiopian farmers. Next to roughage like hay and straw, you need a concentrated feed to supplement.

Download here the AMHARIC brochure for Beef Fattening Feed

Download here the ENGLISH brochure for Beef Fattening Feed

The following feed types are available;

Beef Fattening Feed BASIC

For smaller scale farmers, focusing on economical growth. Beef Fattening Feed Basic is the ideal feed for small scale beef farmers looking for an economical way to fatten their animals.

Beef Fattening Feed SUPER

For professional farmers, looking to fatten their animal is the shortest time possible in combination with high quality, tender beef meat. Many large beef farmers, including exporters, are experiencing the advantage of Beef Fattening Feed SUPER.