As a dairy farmer you want the best results, the highest quality and improved performance. Koudijs has the knowledge and the feed solutions available to help you reach those goals. We provide tailored feed solutions for all types of farms. If you are looking for increased milk production, improved health, better fertility and all in all better profit; Get in contact with us!

Different farmers have different goals. Therefore we have different types of feed for you, to meet your specific goal. The following feeds are available for you;

Calf Rearing Pellet

Your young calve deserves the very best to become a high productive dairy cow. The calve should get used to solid feed and roughage as soon as possible. Therefore calves should be fed with calf rearing pellet; a pelletized feed with high energy and protein levels, all the necessary vitamins and minerals and easy to digest. Start with calf rearing pellet 3 weeks after birth. Together with milk, hay and water.

Download here our ENGLISH brochure for dairy feeds

Downoad here our AMHARIC brochure for dairy feeds

For your dairy cattle, the following feeds are available:

Heifer feed

Your calf becomes a heifer, and should give birth around 24 months of age. To assure a proper growth, and a good fertility you feed heifer feed to you heifer. Always in combination with good quality roughage.

Dairy Feeds

Depending on your strategy and cow breed, there is choice between 3 different dairy feeds for lactating cows;

   Dairy Basic

   For local and low blood level crossbreeds. For economic production, not aiming for the highest milk yield

   Dairy Excellent

   For commercial farmers, having high bloodlevel cross breed cows, focusing on production and health.

   Dairy Super

   Top of the bill. If you are a commercial farmer, having a bloodlevel cows (Holstein) and ready to invest in a high production, health and fertility.

Energy, protein, vitamins and minerals increase starting from Dairy Basic to Dairy Excellent and Dairy Super.